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Ask About Oil now hosts the WWW Virtual Library for Petroleum Engineering, a searchable catalog of petroleum related web sites. We plan to combine this catalog with our full text search.

The Ask About Oil search engine covers the oil, gas, and petroleum related energy web including: government, education and research, as well as commercial oil & gas web sites. You get better search results for questions about petroleum, because we focus on bringing the best web search technology to indexing the oil and gas web. Our search engine is tuned to give the best results for searches in petroleum including: energy, geology and geophysics, exploration, drilling, production, pipeline, and retail distribution.

Petroleum Professionals

You can find needed product data or keep up with your competitor's latest offerings. It doesn't matter whether your interest is PDC drill bits or "Gulf of Mexico" "lease sales". The sites that we search are carefully selected. We will add additional smart searching features based on petroleum industry vocabulary. We know that boring is not boring in the oilfield.


We have your interest in petroleum covered from "synthetic motor oil" to pipeline safety. There is no need to do multiple searches with alternate word forms to get all your results. You get the same results set (order may vary) when you search for US gasoline prices or pricing of US gasoline.

Job Seekers

We index the top sites for employment in petroleum related industries. You can find a job no matter what your interest: from drilling jobs, to offshore rig jobs, to seismic interpretation jobs.


You can search petroleum glossaries to find the Archie equation. You can research the "price of gasoline" and Iraq or find references for that paper on viscous fingering.

Search for the petroleum community

This site was created by MesaVida as a service to the petroleum energy community and a demonstration of vertical search portal technology. It was made possible by the availability of high quality open source software, including: